Aug. 22nd, 2012

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I'm about half-way through with the August of HELL. PGA is done, as is inventory. Now all that's left is D*C prep and Year End. Is it weird that I can handle Year End better then costuming right now? Sheesh.

I'm in love with my phone, warts and all. There are a few weird things, like how I can't assign a contact it's own ringtone (serious WTF?! since my phone from 10 years ago could do that) or how the volume bar is right where I rest my pinkie when I'm texting. Still it's overall a good little phone and I like it. I also finally found a near-perfect app to keep my personal library straight. It's called MyBookDroid. It's near-perfect because I can't get the ISBN scanner to work, but everything else is great.

Dragoncon is coming! This time next week I'll be finishing up my work like a mad woman so I can be out the door at 2pm and hopefully on the highway by 3pm. *crosses fingers* I still have a fair amount of work/shopping left, but at this point it's all minor things like curling wig bangs and fixing seams. I am already having trouble sleeping though, which sucks. I have to keep a note pad on me at all times so I can write all my 'don't forget!!' stuff.

Other than that? There's nothing going on. For realz. *le sigh*
morganskye: (ST - On the town)
Wesley Crusher as Sailor Moon? I think I found a new fandom!

Source: via Wil on Pinterest

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