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Oct. 23rd, 2012 03:23 pm
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I've been getting a few things done. I hit 100% on Assassins Creed, worked on my room/closet some more, and finished up the first season of Once Upon A Time.

My new vacuum is AWESOME!!

I'm forced to do laundry tonight because I'm wearing my last clean bra right now. Damnit.

I've been playing GTA 4: Ballad of Gay Tony. So far there isn't enough gay to make me happy. Rainbows on the save screen hardly counts! It's not even a full rainbow. I feel like I've been lied to. The game needs 80% more gay. Also, I would gleefully buy the deluxe collectors edition of Rupaul's Drag Race: THE GAME should one ever be made. I would hope that it would come with false eyelashes and enough glitter to choke a goat. I'm also playing Haunt, which is a cute 'horror' game for the Kinect. You get to punch ghosts. If that's not enough to make you buy it then clearly you don't know what a good game is and you should be ghosts.
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I am hella proud of myself. Yesterday I cleaned out my closet and a dresser. I still have some random 'lacy bits' bins to go through and another dresser. However the lacy bits was sorted recently and the 2nd dresser is the one I use every day so that's pretty much already done.

By the time I was finished I had a huge vacuum box (I bought a new one just before I was let go from the Club >_<) full of clothes and another giant Office Depot box packed to the brim. I didn't realize I was such a clothes horse! Sadly I know this is only the tip of the iceberg. I have two enormous duffel bags in storage fill with clothes and I should also clean out my old costumes. The bags will be easy since I clearly don't need any of them (1 year rule). As for the costumes...well that's always hard. ^_^

I also cleaned up part of my computer desk. There's still a long way to go as I'm lacking storage, but hopefully I can get something worked out shortly.

Next up will be under the bed. O_O
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Welp, Banzai was my last con for the season. I have to say I'm a little happy since now I can take care of some household projects that have fallen to the side. For example:

~Take sewing table to Dad's for repairs and upgrades. It was Grandma's and I don't think it's been given some TLC in decades. It's a folding table (has 2 leaves on sides), but one of the leaves' support arms is at a weird angle which makes it useless. Dad's going to change it so I can keep it up all the time and have storage room under it.
~My closet. Omg my closet. It occurred to me the other day that I haven't truly used it in probably a year which means that all of the clothes and shoes in there should go to Goodwill. So that's exactly what I'm going to do. I'll keep a few good pieces for random dress-up times, but otherwise I'm going full on scorched earth.
~Storage Unit of Hell. Yeah it needs to be gutted and repacked. I know I have two HUGE bags of clothes in there (hello Goodwill!), Christmas and Halloween deco to sort/pitch/donate, and plenty of other bits that need attention. I'm going to try and stick to the One Year rule as much as possible, but somethings (like the dining room table) won't count. Hopefully I can put a major dent in it so that I can use it for something more then a dumping area.

Aside from those three major things, there's plenty of minors. Don't forget to add in that I need to make 2-3 new costumes for Ichibancon in early January. Oh yeah and find a part time job. *le sigh* I need more hours in the day...
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Banzai was a first-year con up in Columbia this past weekend. Originally I was only going to go up for Saturday, but after some cajoling from friends and a free pass thanks to Nashicon I went the whole weekend.

Friday I worked until 4pm, then bopped on up with Owen. We got there about 7 due to some CRAZY traffic. Three accidents on the interstate all within a mile of each other. Feh. Anyway, after a quick unload we headed to the room only to find our roomies were out at dinner. >_< Thankfully some sweetie friends let us stash our stuff until later. I claimed my badge, regged for the costume contest, then hung out with the fantastical Shirley, [ profile] tohma2004, Ally, [ profile] empress_tigress, and my beloved Owen at The Whig. It's a cool dive bar that in an old underground bank. We somehow scored seats in the Vault. It took me a second to realize it was an old vault, but the door was a dead giveaway. XD The food was good, Shirley kept me in booze (apparently I'm quite entertaining when drunk), and I had an amazing time with my friends.

Saturday dawned awkwardly (surprise guy in underwear O_O), but I ponied up and put on Pinkie for the Ask-A-Pony panel. I took with me a giant bowl of candy and yelled 'Trick or Treat!' every time I saw someone. It worked really well till someone took the entire bowl. *le sigh* I got most of it back, but after that I wasn't too keen on continuing. Moving on. I had lunch with Ally, Kat, and Tohma in the hotel bar/grill. It was funny because we were sitting in front of the glass wall that opens to the con floor, and since we were all in costume it felt like we were on display. lol! During lunch Ally and I traded stickers from the ooold Sailor Moon pull packs we both bought in the Dealer's Room. They even had these long bookmark-ish ones that I'd never seen before. It was a bit of a shame to open them, but we're both the kind of collectors who buy for own enjoyment. ^_^ I also snagged a NRFB SMR Jupiter from the Bandai Asia line for $35. Squee!!

banzaicon 2012 onstage
(Taken during the Walk On)

(Skipping the pre-judging shenanigans) The contest started promptly at 7. I was hella nervous. It's been a looooong time since I'd been on this side of things, however I knew going in that I had a snowball's chance at winning anything. I was seated with the Beginners. I entered in that category, but I also told the judges they can bump me up if needed. The stage walk-on was very easy. They kept us to 30 seconds and three poses, which worked out well. Then came time for the awards. I knew I only qualified for a few so when those passed and I wasn't called out I started to calm down a bit. Again, I really didn't think I was going to get anything, but goodness knows we all get that little adrenaline push when the time comes. :) So next was the Advanced winners. John (wearing a GORGEOUS Sailor Cosmos fuku with staff) won Runner Up. I remember thinking this odd, but didn't have a chance to ponder it further because the judges were announcing the winner of Advanced. It took me a second to realize that they were possibly talking about me, but my brain kept going 'nopenopenope'. There's no way! I was completely and totally wrong.

banzaicon 2012 award
(forgive the horrible phone picture)

To say I was shocked would be an understatement. It took me FOREVER to get to the stage because I was too surprised to move quickly and it's kind of hard to see where you're going when you're crying lol. I do remember Matt saying 'I think we broke her' to the audience, lots of cheering and hugging the judges. On my way back to my seat there were even more hugs, fistbumps, and so many of my friends congratulating me. It took me a good 20 minutes to stop sniffling. :)

After a quick change I headed out with the Girls (and Owen) to the Ramen House a few blocks from the hotel. Much deliciousness was obtained. Then it was back to the hotel bar for BOOZE. Shirley kept me quite lubricated. Hehe! We played Cards Against Humanity until about 1am. Then it was bedtime for me because I was 100% wiped out.

Sunday was mellow. More hugs, nummy crepes (thanks Shirley!!), and good-byes. We were home by 3 and napping by 4. :D

Overall it was a good con with good friends. TBH the con was really just an excuse to see my besties. I can't remember the last time I had this much fun at a con! Almost no stress and unlimited hangout time with my friends. Can't be beat! Although I did have a WTF moment involving Vic Mangina. We were waiting for an elevator right after the contest. He happened to be coming down/out. We didn't even move to get in (because hey we all know elevator etiquette damnit) but his PA threw out her elbows and started saying loudly "Let us through!" as if we were mobbing the man. *rolls eyes* Yes we were totally throwing ourselves at him. *facepalm* Oh! Bonus! Sunday morning Owen was waiting for me outside the restrooms. Apparently Vic was in there as well because his PA asked Owen if he wanted an autograph. I guess she assumed Owen was stalking Vic. O_o Talk about ego!

The End. <3
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I was laid off from the Club today. I should be more upset, but aside from crying the entire way home I'm fairly ok. It's hard to say if it's because this wasn't my main job, or because I was ready to move on or what. I do know that I need to find a replacement job STAT or I'm going to be seriously fucked. While I was only there one day a week (10 hrs) it made up nearly a 1/3 of my monthly income.


I've already talked to Owen to let him know that my weekends are now gone since I doubt I'll find anything that paid as well and only required one day a week. Thankfully I only need it through the holiday season because once I start school I can take out a cost-of-living loan (ugh) if necessary. Not wanting that, but sadly it will probably happen.

I'm not angry at the Club or anything. Their reasons were soundish, and I understand. Still, suck suck suck. Cross your fingers for me everyone.

AWA review

Oct. 3rd, 2012 09:34 am
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I headed to the great and mighty ATL on Thursday morning with Owen. The ride was fairly uneventful until about 3 hours out my Check Engine light popped on. I wasn't too worried because I take care of my baby. We got to the hotel around 1, then sat around for a bit waiting for people. I headed to the airport around 3 to pick up my Sailor Moon ladies. We packed 4 people and their luggage (plus myself) into my tiny little Nissan. I should have taken a picture because I'm still in shock that we pulled it off. The rest of the day was spent unpacking, catching up with my girls, and wandering around.

Friday was fairly low-key. Since my role in this year's show was supporting I had more free time then I was used to. I met up with friends for lunch, hit a few photo shoots, and had fun.

Saturday was crunch time. I am eternally grateful to Steph, Fitz, and Crissy for helping me practice during our downtime. I honestly think they made the difference in how well I preformed on stage that night. This was the most confident I've ever been and I couldn't have done it without them.

I think the show went fantastically well. This year was a 'Mini-Myu', or essentially the closest we'll ever get to a full on Myu show. It was very well scripted (the Three Lights segment had people rolling) and the songs fit well with the plot. I played Sakura-chan, emcee for the Juban 10th Street District Festival Talent Show and I was AWESOME. Well it doesn't hurt that I emcee several events a year. Huzzah for being witty and quick thinking. ;D

Truthfully I think this was the best we've ever done. All of my ladies worked so hard and really put on a fantastic show. It seriously makes me rethink about retiring from the group. How can I leave such great people?! I guess we'll just have to see what happens next. I'll post the video as soon as we get it.

Sunday was PACK AND GTFO. I was so ready for my own bed by noon on Sunday. I hit the dealer's room for a few things (mostly for Owen and the roommate), then hauled Owen away from the con. Oddly we didn't get home till 7 because of freaky traffic in ATL. Ah well.

All in all it was great and I was so happy to see so many of my friends. ^_^
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*pack regular clothes (30 min)
*double check costumes (10 min)
*finish hair piece (10 min)
*finish give-a-ways (find more if time allows) (30 min)
*pack car (make Owen do it lol)
*girly crap (30 min)
*dinner with friend (wee!) (2 hrs)
*bake cookies (just 10 min plus cook time since dough is done)
*get oil changed (during dinner w/ friend)
*final Walmart run (see oil change) (30 min)

So assuming I remembered everything (haha) I have five hours of stuff to do before I leave for AWA. I feel like I'm forgetting something, which really bothers me. :(

Luggage list
Air matt kit
costume tub (with paperwork/freebies pack)
makeup bag of DOOM
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While I was finishing up my AWA prep this weekend I had a stoke of intelligence that still amazes me.

I was curling my Jeannie wig (Arda) for a costume. I need side curls and short poofy bangs. Normally I would do the low hair dryer method, but Arda sells only Hyperlon (heat resistant) wigs, so I would have been there for HOURS with that method. Well, no not really, but I would have gotten muscle fatigue at lease. So anyway, I figured 'Well they market them at styling tool safe, might as well try it'.

So I did.

After some spot tests I found that my curling irons did indeed work HOWEVER the key isn't heating up the fiber, it's letting them cool in the shape you want. The side tendrils were easy. I let the fibers heat, slid them straight down off the iron, then let it cool in my hand. Took me all of five minutes. Huzzah! The bangs were another story. I needed them to be precise, and with their short length and quick cool time I was fumbling until I Had Genius! I used my 1/2" mini barrel to heat it, then my cool 1 1/2" barrel to set them with. SO SMART!! Essentially I'd hold the hot mini in my left hand, unravel it just enough to wiggle the cool iron in and curl it immediately after. Hold for 30 seconds and BAM! I had a curl.

Thing is I'm pretty sure someone already thought of this since it's kind of obvious, but there aren't too many videos about it. Maybe I should do one.

I still have a little touching up to do. I had to trim the bangs and no matter what I do there's always long strands left behind. There are also a few spots that need just a little more oomph. Oh, and forgive the horrible photo. My sewing table has odd lighting so a lot of detail is missing. Plus I took this on my phone. >_< Still, it took less than a hour including my mistakes and do-overs. All told I'm pretty happy with it. In the old days it would have taken ages just to let everything heat and cool, nevermind that it almost never comes out right the first time.

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Few things in my life take up as much time as cons and costumes, and one of them is video games. As I briefly mentioned on FB, I have a large backlog of games that I need to play or completely finish. According to my account I have played 64 games that count achievements with only 16 at 100%.

What kills me is that several games have only a handful of achieves left to earn. Most of those are various forms of 'are you freaking kidding me?!?'. Examples:
*Beautiful Katamari requires 100 hours of game play. Not easy when a single mission is less then 10 minutes and there are only a certain number of levels.
*Dragon Age Origins wants me to kill 1000 Dark Spawn. Not hard, but apparently it's glitched so to get it you have to do it in one play through, which is nearly impossible.
*Fallout New Vegas kills me. In the last DLC (which should have been the first) they put out a whole slew of awesome weapons and Challenges. Two require 10,000 points of damage each. If I was still at the beginning of the game this would be easy, but I'm out of major missions. Throw in an impossible challenge (make explosives that are only available if you take a certain skill set), and I will probably have to replay most of the game in order to get these 3.
*Mass Effect #1 can kiss my ass. It takes 3-4 full play-throughs to get 100% complete. Screw that noise.

Personally I think the biggest problems with a lot of games is that their achievements are skewed. I feel that you should be able to get 75%-80% minimum with one play through, but many seem to think that the only way to be considered a 'hard core' game is to require more hours than is reasonable to ask of a person. XBLA games are generally the most well balanced and don't make you want to scream as much as other disk games. I don't mind hidden achieves, or ones that require a certain level of skill, but if you want to throw your controller through a window then something is wrong. I once heard that when people make pinball games they always make sure it's simple enough for a casual gamer, yet challenging enough for the expert. If more video games followed this thinking I'd be much happier.

But what do I know? ;)


Sep. 19th, 2012 03:09 pm
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So apparently there a super sexy Loki figure coming out soon. He's a painful $220, but still DAMN hot. Although honestly all I'd want is a 1:1 sculpt of Tom Hiddleston's head.

Yeah that. *head explodes* Although I'm afraid I'd start talking to it like it was real. The next thing you know I'm feeding him dinner and asking what he wants for his birthday. O_o Also, did anyone else notice that the figure comes with handcuffs and a muzzle? *head explodes again*

I've always had a thing for the dark and dangerous (Wolverine/Snape/Batman/etc) so this lady boner is no surprise. *sigh* It's a tough life.
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AWA is coming up soon, and guess who's sewing machine is busted...again...I swear I should be getting frequent repair points or something. It's always the zig-zag stitch. Straight is fine, but as soon as I mix it up I'm breaking needles on the foot. GRR!! One more trip to the repair shop and I'll have officially spent more to fix it then it actually cost ($200). So needless to say I'm seriously considering not fixing it and just getting a new one. It sucks because I was so in love with my Janome Gem. *sniffle* There goes the money I was saving for a new vacuum. I wish I could afford the Baby Lock Patti recommended. :(

Other then that things are pretty normal. I'm house/cat/tween-sitting for a friend. It's kind of nice to be out of the house, but I'm already missing things like my Xbox and access to my billion varieties of body wash. lol!

So who's hitting up AWA this year? I'm keeping it costume light since Last Chance Myu has a show on Saturday. I'm definitely bringing Pinkie even though she needs a new shirt (cut the 1st one too wide), and probably one other one but I'm not sure which. They all need TLC. >_< No rest for the wicked!
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I have to say I'm truly touched and surprised at how many people were supportive of my move and also sad that I was leaving the East Coast. I had warm fuzzies and slightly sad thoughts all day yesterday.

I've given my move more thought, and here's what I'm hoping will happen.

1) General departure date is mid-September 2015. I'll be done with school, my lease on the apartment will be over, cooler weather makes moving easier, and I'll be able to attend Dragoncon (lol). For a few minutes I thought about July but screw that heat!

2) Ideally I'll be coming back to the East twice a year. Once for Dragoncon and then again for Nashicon. My reasons? Nearly everyone I know goes to either one of those, and since Nashi in less than 2 hours from my parents I can make a long weekend of it and spend time with them. Plus with the Seattle con scene being so freaking local I can transfer my con travel/hotel money to going home.

3) I WILL have a place with a guest room (eventually), and I will happily have anyone who ventures my way stay as long as they like. This is now your perfect excuse to come to Seattle.

I want you to know this wasn't an easy decision. I've played with the idea of moving to Columbia or Charlotte, but it doesn't have the same feel. In my heart I know that Seattle is right for me even though I've never been there. Crazy.
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You can ignore this. :)

Pinkie Pie
~Remake shirt (current is cut too wide)
~make felt cupcakes (props? giveaways?)
~make cupcake or balloon shaped purse (messenger bag style)

~remake top
~fix apron (focus on fur trim)

~restyle wig and fix headpiece
~new shirt
~alter skirt (may need to make new skirt from scratch)
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I'm very serious about this.

My chance meeting with Ellen really struck a chord with me. She said something that I thought about a lot since then. "My husband and I only had enough money to either go on vacation to Seattle or move there. So we moved." It's such a simple thing. They just moved and now they're both working at Valve as VA artists, touring the country, and living a good life.

Going to Seattle has been a dream of mine for years, but I put it away when the ex and I were still together. He'd never leave his family so I chose him over my dream. Not any more, and thankfully Owen is 100% supportive of my (well now OUR) decision.

I have a small but important 3-year plan.
1) Get my accounting associates with a Video Game Design certificate (est 7 semesters)
2) Bring my monthly debt payout under $500
3) Have $10k in savings

The hardest one will be putting $10k into savings, but that's why I'm giving myself 3 years instead of leaving right after I'm done with school. Since I can't get a 3rd job while I'm learning, it will have to wait until after I get my Associates.

It will take a lot of hard work, but if I really put my mind to it I'll be celebrating my 35th birthday in the mountains of Washington. Wish me luck!
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I'm still feeling like crap (wtf?!?) but I'm finally mentally stable enough to at least do general highlights for D*C. NO CUT FOR YOU!!

I left work around noon on Wednesday and headed up to Marietta to stay with the lovely [ profile] bandvamp01 and her hubby. They are amazing people and I seriously wish I lived closer to them because Gail is SO COOL. Anyway, they doubled their awesome by taking me to Ted's Montana Grill where Nate told me the tale of how the place started. "Ted Nugent Turner brought buffalo back from near-extinction so he could eat them." XD Sounds about like something Ted would do. Sadly I wasn't hungry enough to lick plates again, but it was still a yummy time.

Thursday we all trooped over to the Sheraton. Nate dropped us of (poor guy had to work) while Gail and I wrangled my stuff into the room. There was some zomg lol really? drama over some boxes I brought to give to a friend's friend (the woman got 100% lost and took 30 minutes to travel 2 blocks). After that we parted ways. I headed over to the Hilton to meet up with my MMO staffers. General madness. Around 5 the roomies, MMO people, and random friends went to Voodoo Vortex for dinner. After getting lost (rawr!!) we got to the place and ate some incredibly huge, indecently named food. Poor Michelle was constantly forgotten by the waitress. I kept pushing food on her because she looked so hungry and small. EAT MOAR!! ;P Hotel = Bed = Sleep.

*The WoW Costume contest was a hit! Pre-judging went off well and due to my amazing help we finished the contest 15 minutes early! WOO! I got quite the back-patting for it. :D
*Best Night Ever was a dud due to random ponies being assholes. However I still had pony time with Mary and Kim (with some fun poking around with Wendy and her friend). I love my girlfriends!

Saturday involved more hang time with Wendy (seriously can't get enough of it). We hit the 'Buy My Stuff!!!' rooms, which was crazy busy. I had a SCORE moment when Rana (face of Samara) and Mark (voice of Shepard) from Mass Effect were doing $5 photos. I squeed so hard poor Wendy was probably doubting our friendship. Poor girl had to listen to be Dorkadorka-ing for a solid 20 minutes after that. Anyway, I found a few things, as did Wendy, then we split up so she could get some sleep booze. I continued shopping then went back to the room to change into Telma for the Big Party that night.

Special Entry! The Big Party! This is something I was nervous about because I had been asked to make cupcakes for Felicia Day. Yes you read that right. She specifically asked for vanilla-on-vanilla cupcakes, which Boss handed right to me. Apparently I make a decent cupcake lol. Anyway, everything was going well until it came time to ice those bad boys. I had split my recipe so that I could make half vanilla, half chocolate. Well apparently I didn't take enough vanilla because I was only able to ice 11 cakes. O_O I did indeed freak out. After a few deep breaths I just did the last one with chocolate, decorated them, and went on my way. Turns out that was probably a good idea because then Felicia knew they weren't 100% store bought. She liked them a lot, I got a cheer from the Guild cast, and a huge hug from Jeff aka Vork (zomg BLUSH!). Bonus: Boss let me stay in the VIP room all night since I seemed to be a good fit. Made a few friends, talked with cool people, and didn't embarrass myself in front of Grant Imahara...although I did nearly knock him over accidentally when I was cleaning up. He's so tiny! AND CUTE! :D

Sunday was pretty mellow by comparison. I had an afternoon-to-close shift for the MMO track so I pretty much just chilled. I did get to meet the fantastic Ellen McLain (voice of Glados) and had a lovely conversation with her. She honestly is a purely nice person and it's very refreshing.

Monday I packed, had my car delivered by the fantastic Gail (<3 you!), and did the obligatory after-con wrap up with the MMO panel. We finished around 6 (I cried a little) then headed home. By midnight I was in bed.

The End...


<_< Is it next year yet?

So close!

Sep. 11th, 2012 09:56 pm
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So apparently [ profile] tenshihitomi, [ profile] elfgirlmchan, [ profile] fluffydragon, and [ profile] tohma2004 all make it into Felicia Day's Flog (in various forms). The horrible thing is I know exactly where I would have been if Bender's head wasn't so big. SO *$&%(#@^ CLOSE!!!

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I got a lot done this weekend, to the point that I actually got some sleep last night. Yay sleep! All my costume prep is done and packed. It even made it all into a smaller tub then I had planned so that's a plus. I was able to make a new fabric sleeve for my phone, but of course my machine crapped out on the last part. Apparently it hates zig-zag stitch. *le sigh* Back to the shop it will go for another timing adjustment. At least the straight stitch still works so if I have time I'll make the Squid Hat tonight.

Even with the machine problems I'm still very happy with my progress. All that's left is to pack my regular wear, bake a few goodies tomorrow and I'm ready to go. :D
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I'm officially in countdown for Dragoncon. My lists are made, I've already started packing, and plans are being solidified.

Blah blah blah stuff you won't care about below...

I did make a few minor changes. I won't be taking Gotham City Imposter because it takes up a lot of space for such a mellow costume and really it's best for small 'kickin' it' types of cons, not D*C. I'm also swapping out my oatmeal jam breakfast bars for muffins. Easier to make and less messy.

As soon as I'm off work today I'll be in full Con Freakout. Poor Owen. He's seen me in Con Freakout and it's not pretty. It starts with going to Walmart for my supply run, then diving into the pits of costuming hell. The good news is that I *should* be done by Saturday night if I keep my nose to the grindstone. Telma requires only a few fixes (mostly the apron), and Present!Pinkie just needs her wig poofed and shirt altered/cutie-marked. If I do it right I should be able to get it all packed into one storage tub too, which would be great since I always run out of room in my suitcase. I am a bit of an over-packer though when it comes to clothes. At D*C (and only D*C) I probably go through two full sets a day. Sheesh!

If I'm lucky I might have time to finish up a few silly projects I've wanted to do, like the SquidHAT! and a new case for my phone. It would be nice to roll up to D*C with some new gear. ^_^
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I was doing well. Really really well. I was remembering my oils and creams at night and properly toning/moisturizing in the morning. However by the end of PGA week I was too damn tired. I even stopped conditioning my hair for a while just so I could sleep a few minutes longer (seriously I have that shit timed).

Well I'm nearly back up to speed. My hair and nails are looking pretty boss, and my morning routine is back. All that's left is to work on the evening stuff. Interestingly enough, I think it's the evening that gave me the most benefit. I've been using a to-be-released promo I got from Tarte. It's a facial oil meant for nighttime use and I have to say I really like it. Part of me is screaming 'you have oily skin and you're ADDING OIL!!', and for a few days I had some breakouts. However after my skin got used to it I noticed a big difference in texture and moisture. The only down side is the process takes a bit and if I'm worn out I'm very inclined to skip it. That's very very bad because the more nights I miss the bigger the odds of another breakout when I restart. I'm considering waiting until after D*C to do this so I don't have to worry about covering pimples.

I'm also done with all of my 'old' samples. That's not to say they were actually old, just that they were obtained before I started keeping track. I did have to throw a few away that had gone bad though. Boo on me for letting that happen. :(

So what's the next step? Hair products. I have plenty. Mousse, serums, sprays, lotions, and potions! I can think of at least 10 different brands/products sitting in my bathroom right now. I found a Hello Kitty notebook while digging for con stuff last night so I'm going to use that for a Hair Journal because otherwise I won't remember anything. This is serious business! :D
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Wesley Crusher as Sailor Moon? I think I found a new fandom!

Source: via Wil on Pinterest