Jul. 16th, 2012

morganskye: (Zombies - Caution)
I feel a nasty headache coming on. :( I've already popped some pills and caffeine. Hopefully it will pass quickly. If it's tied to the rain that's coming then it will be gone by the time the clouds pass.

This weekend was nice, but I didn't get half of my to-do list done. The Partylite event went off well. I snagged some discount votives and a $50 gift card for the next party (Halloween is coming!). Not a bad haul for only having to make oatmeal jam bars and some jello. XD

Speaking of jam, I used the delicious stuff [livejournal.com profile] fluffydragon gave me at ConTemporal. So freaking GOOD! You have a gift for canning my dear. Had a hell of a time opening the jar though. I know that's the point, but it was the kind of scene made for a romantic comedy. Me, the frazzled girlfriend who's just trying to impress the parents vs. a jar of jam that won't freaking OPEN. Cue knives, counter slamming, and Snookie-esque whining. Totally worth the effort.

Had a crazy dream the other night. I was working PT at Journey's Shoes at the local outlet. I was about 100lbs lighter (it's my dream damnit!), but I was also back in my Velma haircut and black glasses. So basically it was me from 2000 working there. Anyway, I was showing my co-workers that 'white girls can bounce' to the tune of 'Get Low' (because a family friendly shoe store would totally play that). Through the glass my Evil Ex saw me, came in, and asked if I was busy. My manager said I could leave early, so he walked me to my car. Only it wasn't my car, it was a bright orange Fanta-themed motorcycle. Apparently I won it and was obligated to keep the paint job. I put on a Mass Effect themed leather jacket and neat helmet before blowing him a kiss and waving good-bye. He was then immediately hit by a car driven by the Other Woman.

I really want a motorcycle now.

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