morganskye: (Clearly I Rule)
2012-07-13 09:46 am

This is me being an adult

I really want a new phone. There's nothing wrong with my old one, so I've been waffling.

Keeping old phone
Pro: Affordable plan, phone works well, does what I need it to do
Con: Can't get picture texts, limited range and battery life, too old to get apps

New phone!
Pro: Smartphone BOO-YEAH
Cons: With a new phone comes a new phone plan which means $20 more a month on top of the cost of the phone.

So basically it's money vs. convenience. Since we all know I love keeping a tight budget, I'm making myself work for it. Work it girl! *shakes off urge to walk the runway* In order to allow myself a new/higher expense, I need to eliminate an old one. The smallest bill I have is a Capital One credit card with a balance of $500. When that's paid off it will free up $25 a month, which magically is the amount my phone bill would increase by when I upgrade.

Logical, frugal, AND beautiful. I can't get any more perfect. ;)