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I was laid off from the Club today. I should be more upset, but aside from crying the entire way home I'm fairly ok. It's hard to say if it's because this wasn't my main job, or because I was ready to move on or what. I do know that I need to find a replacement job STAT or I'm going to be seriously fucked. While I was only there one day a week (10 hrs) it made up nearly a 1/3 of my monthly income.


I've already talked to Owen to let him know that my weekends are now gone since I doubt I'll find anything that paid as well and only required one day a week. Thankfully I only need it through the holiday season because once I start school I can take out a cost-of-living loan (ugh) if necessary. Not wanting that, but sadly it will probably happen.

I'm not angry at the Club or anything. Their reasons were soundish, and I understand. Still, suck suck suck. Cross your fingers for me everyone.
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