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While I was finishing up my AWA prep this weekend I had a stoke of intelligence that still amazes me.

I was curling my Jeannie wig (Arda) for a costume. I need side curls and short poofy bangs. Normally I would do the low hair dryer method, but Arda sells only Hyperlon (heat resistant) wigs, so I would have been there for HOURS with that method. Well, no not really, but I would have gotten muscle fatigue at lease. So anyway, I figured 'Well they market them at styling tool safe, might as well try it'.

So I did.

After some spot tests I found that my curling irons did indeed work HOWEVER the key isn't heating up the fiber, it's letting them cool in the shape you want. The side tendrils were easy. I let the fibers heat, slid them straight down off the iron, then let it cool in my hand. Took me all of five minutes. Huzzah! The bangs were another story. I needed them to be precise, and with their short length and quick cool time I was fumbling until I Had Genius! I used my 1/2" mini barrel to heat it, then my cool 1 1/2" barrel to set them with. SO SMART!! Essentially I'd hold the hot mini in my left hand, unravel it just enough to wiggle the cool iron in and curl it immediately after. Hold for 30 seconds and BAM! I had a curl.

Thing is I'm pretty sure someone already thought of this since it's kind of obvious, but there aren't too many videos about it. Maybe I should do one.

I still have a little touching up to do. I had to trim the bangs and no matter what I do there's always long strands left behind. There are also a few spots that need just a little more oomph. Oh, and forgive the horrible photo. My sewing table has odd lighting so a lot of detail is missing. Plus I took this on my phone. >_< Still, it took less than a hour including my mistakes and do-overs. All told I'm pretty happy with it. In the old days it would have taken ages just to let everything heat and cool, nevermind that it almost never comes out right the first time.

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