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Few things in my life take up as much time as cons and costumes, and one of them is video games. As I briefly mentioned on FB, I have a large backlog of games that I need to play or completely finish. According to my account I have played 64 games that count achievements with only 16 at 100%.

What kills me is that several games have only a handful of achieves left to earn. Most of those are various forms of 'are you freaking kidding me?!?'. Examples:
*Beautiful Katamari requires 100 hours of game play. Not easy when a single mission is less then 10 minutes and there are only a certain number of levels.
*Dragon Age Origins wants me to kill 1000 Dark Spawn. Not hard, but apparently it's glitched so to get it you have to do it in one play through, which is nearly impossible.
*Fallout New Vegas kills me. In the last DLC (which should have been the first) they put out a whole slew of awesome weapons and Challenges. Two require 10,000 points of damage each. If I was still at the beginning of the game this would be easy, but I'm out of major missions. Throw in an impossible challenge (make explosives that are only available if you take a certain skill set), and I will probably have to replay most of the game in order to get these 3.
*Mass Effect #1 can kiss my ass. It takes 3-4 full play-throughs to get 100% complete. Screw that noise.

Personally I think the biggest problems with a lot of games is that their achievements are skewed. I feel that you should be able to get 75%-80% minimum with one play through, but many seem to think that the only way to be considered a 'hard core' game is to require more hours than is reasonable to ask of a person. XBLA games are generally the most well balanced and don't make you want to scream as much as other disk games. I don't mind hidden achieves, or ones that require a certain level of skill, but if you want to throw your controller through a window then something is wrong. I once heard that when people make pinball games they always make sure it's simple enough for a casual gamer, yet challenging enough for the expert. If more video games followed this thinking I'd be much happier.

But what do I know? ;)
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