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AWA is coming up soon, and guess who's sewing machine is busted...again...I swear I should be getting frequent repair points or something. It's always the zig-zag stitch. Straight is fine, but as soon as I mix it up I'm breaking needles on the foot. GRR!! One more trip to the repair shop and I'll have officially spent more to fix it then it actually cost ($200). So needless to say I'm seriously considering not fixing it and just getting a new one. It sucks because I was so in love with my Janome Gem. *sniffle* There goes the money I was saving for a new vacuum. I wish I could afford the Baby Lock Patti recommended. :(

Other then that things are pretty normal. I'm house/cat/tween-sitting for a friend. It's kind of nice to be out of the house, but I'm already missing things like my Xbox and access to my billion varieties of body wash. lol!

So who's hitting up AWA this year? I'm keeping it costume light since Last Chance Myu has a show on Saturday. I'm definitely bringing Pinkie even though she needs a new shirt (cut the 1st one too wide), and probably one other one but I'm not sure which. They all need TLC. >_< No rest for the wicked!
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