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I have to say I'm truly touched and surprised at how many people were supportive of my move and also sad that I was leaving the East Coast. I had warm fuzzies and slightly sad thoughts all day yesterday.

I've given my move more thought, and here's what I'm hoping will happen.

1) General departure date is mid-September 2015. I'll be done with school, my lease on the apartment will be over, cooler weather makes moving easier, and I'll be able to attend Dragoncon (lol). For a few minutes I thought about July but screw that heat!

2) Ideally I'll be coming back to the East twice a year. Once for Dragoncon and then again for Nashicon. My reasons? Nearly everyone I know goes to either one of those, and since Nashi in less than 2 hours from my parents I can make a long weekend of it and spend time with them. Plus with the Seattle con scene being so freaking local I can transfer my con travel/hotel money to going home.

3) I WILL have a place with a guest room (eventually), and I will happily have anyone who ventures my way stay as long as they like. This is now your perfect excuse to come to Seattle.

I want you to know this wasn't an easy decision. I've played with the idea of moving to Columbia or Charlotte, but it doesn't have the same feel. In my heart I know that Seattle is right for me even though I've never been there. Crazy.

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