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I'm very serious about this.

My chance meeting with Ellen really struck a chord with me. She said something that I thought about a lot since then. "My husband and I only had enough money to either go on vacation to Seattle or move there. So we moved." It's such a simple thing. They just moved and now they're both working at Valve as VA artists, touring the country, and living a good life.

Going to Seattle has been a dream of mine for years, but I put it away when the ex and I were still together. He'd never leave his family so I chose him over my dream. Not any more, and thankfully Owen is 100% supportive of my (well now OUR) decision.

I have a small but important 3-year plan.
1) Get my accounting associates with a Video Game Design certificate (est 7 semesters)
2) Bring my monthly debt payout under $500
3) Have $10k in savings

The hardest one will be putting $10k into savings, but that's why I'm giving myself 3 years instead of leaving right after I'm done with school. Since I can't get a 3rd job while I'm learning, it will have to wait until after I get my Associates.

It will take a lot of hard work, but if I really put my mind to it I'll be celebrating my 35th birthday in the mountains of Washington. Wish me luck!

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