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I'm still feeling like crap (wtf?!?) but I'm finally mentally stable enough to at least do general highlights for D*C. NO CUT FOR YOU!!

I left work around noon on Wednesday and headed up to Marietta to stay with the lovely [ profile] bandvamp01 and her hubby. They are amazing people and I seriously wish I lived closer to them because Gail is SO COOL. Anyway, they doubled their awesome by taking me to Ted's Montana Grill where Nate told me the tale of how the place started. "Ted Nugent Turner brought buffalo back from near-extinction so he could eat them." XD Sounds about like something Ted would do. Sadly I wasn't hungry enough to lick plates again, but it was still a yummy time.

Thursday we all trooped over to the Sheraton. Nate dropped us of (poor guy had to work) while Gail and I wrangled my stuff into the room. There was some zomg lol really? drama over some boxes I brought to give to a friend's friend (the woman got 100% lost and took 30 minutes to travel 2 blocks). After that we parted ways. I headed over to the Hilton to meet up with my MMO staffers. General madness. Around 5 the roomies, MMO people, and random friends went to Voodoo Vortex for dinner. After getting lost (rawr!!) we got to the place and ate some incredibly huge, indecently named food. Poor Michelle was constantly forgotten by the waitress. I kept pushing food on her because she looked so hungry and small. EAT MOAR!! ;P Hotel = Bed = Sleep.

*The WoW Costume contest was a hit! Pre-judging went off well and due to my amazing help we finished the contest 15 minutes early! WOO! I got quite the back-patting for it. :D
*Best Night Ever was a dud due to random ponies being assholes. However I still had pony time with Mary and Kim (with some fun poking around with Wendy and her friend). I love my girlfriends!

Saturday involved more hang time with Wendy (seriously can't get enough of it). We hit the 'Buy My Stuff!!!' rooms, which was crazy busy. I had a SCORE moment when Rana (face of Samara) and Mark (voice of Shepard) from Mass Effect were doing $5 photos. I squeed so hard poor Wendy was probably doubting our friendship. Poor girl had to listen to be Dorkadorka-ing for a solid 20 minutes after that. Anyway, I found a few things, as did Wendy, then we split up so she could get some sleep booze. I continued shopping then went back to the room to change into Telma for the Big Party that night.

Special Entry! The Big Party! This is something I was nervous about because I had been asked to make cupcakes for Felicia Day. Yes you read that right. She specifically asked for vanilla-on-vanilla cupcakes, which Boss handed right to me. Apparently I make a decent cupcake lol. Anyway, everything was going well until it came time to ice those bad boys. I had split my recipe so that I could make half vanilla, half chocolate. Well apparently I didn't take enough vanilla because I was only able to ice 11 cakes. O_O I did indeed freak out. After a few deep breaths I just did the last one with chocolate, decorated them, and went on my way. Turns out that was probably a good idea because then Felicia knew they weren't 100% store bought. She liked them a lot, I got a cheer from the Guild cast, and a huge hug from Jeff aka Vork (zomg BLUSH!). Bonus: Boss let me stay in the VIP room all night since I seemed to be a good fit. Made a few friends, talked with cool people, and didn't embarrass myself in front of Grant Imahara...although I did nearly knock him over accidentally when I was cleaning up. He's so tiny! AND CUTE! :D

Sunday was pretty mellow by comparison. I had an afternoon-to-close shift for the MMO track so I pretty much just chilled. I did get to meet the fantastic Ellen McLain (voice of Glados) and had a lovely conversation with her. She honestly is a purely nice person and it's very refreshing.

Monday I packed, had my car delivered by the fantastic Gail (<3 you!), and did the obligatory after-con wrap up with the MMO panel. We finished around 6 (I cried a little) then headed home. By midnight I was in bed.

The End...


<_< Is it next year yet?

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