Aug. 24th, 2012

morganskye: (Jolly Good Hat)
I'm officially in countdown for Dragoncon. My lists are made, I've already started packing, and plans are being solidified.

Blah blah blah stuff you won't care about below...

I did make a few minor changes. I won't be taking Gotham City Imposter because it takes up a lot of space for such a mellow costume and really it's best for small 'kickin' it' types of cons, not D*C. I'm also swapping out my oatmeal jam breakfast bars for muffins. Easier to make and less messy.

As soon as I'm off work today I'll be in full Con Freakout. Poor Owen. He's seen me in Con Freakout and it's not pretty. It starts with going to Walmart for my supply run, then diving into the pits of costuming hell. The good news is that I *should* be done by Saturday night if I keep my nose to the grindstone. Telma requires only a few fixes (mostly the apron), and Present!Pinkie just needs her wig poofed and shirt altered/cutie-marked. If I do it right I should be able to get it all packed into one storage tub too, which would be great since I always run out of room in my suitcase. I am a bit of an over-packer though when it comes to clothes. At D*C (and only D*C) I probably go through two full sets a day. Sheesh!

If I'm lucky I might have time to finish up a few silly projects I've wanted to do, like the SquidHAT! and a new case for my phone. It would be nice to roll up to D*C with some new gear. ^_^

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