Aug. 10th, 2012

morganskye: (ST-Data Hug?)
This week has been a nightmare. The PGA is in town and since I work for the golf club right beside the Ocean Course we knew we'd be busy. So GC boss asked if I could work mornings at the club and afternoons at the furniture store. We were able to work things out, but 12 hour days are HARD. Thankfully I'm done with the club and in 3 hours I'll be free for the weekend. FREE I SAY!!

Well, not really free. More like 'I have tons of work do to in prep for Dragoncon, but I'm not required to wear pants'. That counts, right?

I need to make a devil hat, make Present!Pinkie Pie, repair Gotham Impostor, repair Telma, and if the Time Lords are willing make Con Party Clara. The devil hat and Clara are going to be the most annoying. I only have a general idea of what I'm doing for the devil hat (for reference it's Monstroso from Venture Bros), and Clara is a sort of original design. Basically I'm making a costume that Clara would wear to a con, but not a 100% Avatar reproduction. So I have to be Clara enough to be recognized as Clara, but not so Clara that the joke/intention is lost. I feel that the key will be in my representation.

(all said while wearing a squid hat and keeping fake booze on hand. huzzah for crystal light)
"You like my costume? I bought it on ebay. Yeah Wiggly said that the money was for the kids' college fund but God knows they'll never make it past middle school."
"Omg Dragoncon! Who's got booze?"
"It's so weird. I've never been AFK for so long."
"Hey sexy! You know I'm married, but he thinks I'm at a business conference. Cheers!"
"Apple Pie is the perfect drink. I don't remember drinking it, but I know it's perfect."

Anyway, P!PP will be fairly easy since it's all nearly closet. I need to dye/mod the sweatshirt, make leg warmers, and decorate the box. The wig needs a little fluffing, but not much. As for the balloons? Not totally sure what to do with that. I'll figure something out.

Is it too much for three weeks? Yeah probably. *le sigh*

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