Aug. 1st, 2012

morganskye: (300 Surprise)
I'll be heading up to Columbia this weekend for Roundcon. This is my third year attending as a guest/panelist/damn near staff. I'm not excited to go per-say, but only because I have a crap ton on my mind right now. I know when I get there I'll have a good time. :) I'm only doing 3 panels and hosting/judging the costume contest. Kind of mellow considering what I've done in the past, but thankfully more people are interested in running things so that takes a lot of stress off me.

I'm keeping costume-light again because I didn't have the time to make anything new. My Super Secret costume came first, but the deadline was hit in time so now I can do other projects. However there isn't much I can do between now and Friday morning. Ah well. Maybe I'll finally bust out that damn Squid Hat I've been talking about for months. SQUID HAT!! I'm going to be so pretty.

Reminder: Check Telma for damage and make a new Bat Symbol since mc chris got my last one. :D

I know I've mentioned this elsewhere, but my ex will be at the con. UGH. I haven't seen him in a year+, and I figure it'll be civil since he's not bringing the skankwhoreslutbagbitchdemon girlfriend. And yes, I'm fully aware it takes two to tango, but I've never liked her and she knew what she was doing so my hate will stay right where it is thankyouverymuch. XD Anyway, it'll be interesting. Thankfully he's only there for a few hours on Saturday so I'll easily be able to keep my distance. Besides, I'd rather have a good time then freak about him. Completely not worth it.

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