Jul. 2nd, 2012

morganskye: (Sick Sad World)
I can't catch a fucking break right now. Last week I was sick in ways that usually involve a hospital visit. I lost work time and money from it, but it was what it was and I was able to deal as best as possible.

On Saturday I'd splurged (and by splurge I mean $20) and went on an afternoon river rafting trip with friends and Owen. I spent about 5-10 minutes at the pharmacy trying to pick out the best sunblock. I eventually got Neutrogena's Wet Skin 45 spf thinking that since I would be on the water having something that could go on my wet skin would be ideal. When we got to the river it was hot, but it wasn't more than 90 degrees (compared to 105 in the city), and the water was around 70. Perfect! I reapplied three or four times over the course of the trip and I wore a hat the whole time. I figured I'd be pretty pink, but not horribly burned. WRONG. So very very wrong. I went to Nasson medical on Sunday morning because I couldn't fucking MOVE. My legs, arms, and back are cherry red. Even after a steroid shot, heavy doses of Prednisone and Lortab for the pain I'm still in agony. Needless to say Neutrogena is getting an incredibly angry call from me in a few minutes.

Then this morning it occurred to me that I didn't pay the rent. FUCK. I called the management office and the manager told me I was SOL and I have to pay a $70 dollar late fee. I tried to tell her that I was very sick last week but she wasn't having it. I told her I could provide doctor's notes as well as a letter from my boss proving I was ill and couldn't leave my apt. No dice. So the doctor cost me $110, which wiped what little savings I have left, and now I have to come up with $70 before the end of the week. FML.

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