Jun. 28th, 2012

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this isn't where you'll find one...yet.

From Tuesday night on my head has been a freaking mess, not to mention my voice. I'm assuming it's delayed con crud which is odd since I haven't come down with that in an eternity. Hooray for vitamin C and remembering to eat! Anyhoo, since I was doped up on 'killers I had some fantastic dreams. The only one that I remember fully is this one:

I'm walking down the street and see this guy who looks like a buff Tony Stark. I tell him so, and he says 'Well actually I run a porno site and Tony Stark is one of the costumes I wear'. I pause for a moment, then start throwing money at him while screaming 'SHOW ME YOUR WAR MACHINE!!!'.

The sad thing is that I would actually do this in real life. XD

During my bouts of clarity and wakefulness I played the new DLC for Skyrim. Not bad. Could have been longer for $20, but I'm happy that there's more. I'm also well-aware that I technically power-played so if I had gone through the game at normal speed it would have lasted me through the weekend. Also some guy on XBL was being incredibly flirtatious which was cute, but a little O_O at the same time since I don't know him from Adam. To keep from pulling a Jwoww (a la Jersey Shore) I told Owen right away and made it clear that I didn't have an online boyfriend all of a sudden. He thought it was funny. ^_^

So anyway, I'll get to writing that con report for CT soon. I will say that while I had a GREAT time, it's doubtful I'd return without my ladies since they made most of the fun.

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