Jun. 20th, 2012

morganskye: (Birdman That Thing?)
I leave for ConTemporal tomorrow. Guess who has two thumbs and hasn't done a thing to prep? This gal!

For serious. The only thing I've done is actually what I haven't done, which is fully unpack from ConCarolinas. My suitcase, shower bag, make-up, and most of Telma is by my sewing table which is exactly where I left it when I got home from the con. Before you go EW GROSS! please note that I took out all the laundry and such. I'm lazy not slovenly...usually. XD

I'm only taking Telma up. Since CT is a hair off of my normal cons I don't have too many costumes that would fit. Sure I could wear several, but I don't want to be 'that' costumer. Remember back a million years ago when you'd be laughed at for wearing a Star Trek costume at an anime con? Yeah I still feel like that sometimes. Sure the line is blurred, but old habits die hard.

So tonight I'll be packing (thank goodness I did laundry yesterday after Zumba), baking cupcakes, and doing the girly crap I've been putting off because I hate doing girly crap. Why does the hair keep growing back?!?

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